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Make it fair

Research shows that students often feel discriminated while looking for or during their MBO internships. This is of course unacceptable. That is why the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science joined forces with several parties within the fields of education and practice to get to work on this and to contribute to equal treatment before and during internships.

Connecting the dots

We were asked to develop a concept for the campaign to bring the message to a wider audience and to create awareness about the subject. In addition, the concept should connect the most important stakeholders (schools, students and companies) to create more dialogue about the subject. The ultimate objective was to contribute to combating discrimination prior to and during an internship.


Against internship discrimination.
For equal treatment.

Because the concept and approach had to be widely supported by all parties, we opted for an autonomous, activating campaign title; #KIESMIJ (Choose Me). The subtitle ‘Against internship discrimination. For equal treatment.’ puts the campaign in the centre of the debate, addresssing the three target groups in a direct and positive way, without immediately pointing fingers.


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