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SITE is a group of area developers that create strategies for complex urban matters. By really zooming in on the environment and its users they are able to unlock the full potential of residential, retail or office areas.

Emotion vs ratio, beauty and flow

SITE wanted a reinterpretation of their existing visual identity, which was characterized by a logo with pixelated areas and the colors red, white and gray. There was varying sentiment regarding the visual identity, but there was a clear picture of what they wanted to radiate and how it should feel. A balance had to be found between the business and the mystical values of SITE. Directness and clarity against adventure and tension. SITE characterized this as a game of emotion vs ratio, beauty and flow, resulting in a timeless, powerful and daring visual identity.

Despite the strong sentiment towards the old logo, we saw a problem in its applicability. Applied on a small scale, it quickly became unclear and difficult to read. Because it was also used as decoration in large format crops, the distinction between the image layer and the logo became unclear. We proposed a consistent and clear separation between visual language and logotype which led to a clear and powerful logo.


A typeface as a design system

We used the pixelated visual language from the old logo as a starting point for the new visual language in order to unite the old with the new. SITE had the (explicit) wish to be able to work with the new identity themselves because they produce numerous presentations and reports which often occur under great time pressure. They asked for an easy-to-use format for the covers of these publications, but there had to be enough distinction and dynamics in the series. The solution lay in the design of an abstract pixel font that can be used as a visual language by SITE itself. Because every SITE project is tied to a unique place, this is used as a variable to decorate the specific publication.


“We thought we were asking a relatively simple question for a website and corporate identity, but we ended up experiencing an intense and fruitful journey with Ape to Zebra. Fundamental questions concerning our identity and history, the purpose of the website and beauty were discussed. Ape to Zebra showed themself to be creative and determined. A beautiful result has emerged from that dialogue, which we are still very satisfied with.”

— Leo Versteijlen, Founding partner SITE Urban Development


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