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Welcome to the New Stone Age


Imagine a circular world where waste is synonymous with raw material. Where cities and buildings are constructed using sustainable building materials that are made from 100% waste, are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle, and absorb more carbon than it takes to create them.

StoneCycling is working tirelessly to develop the next generation of high-end, sustainable building materials. The team uses design as a means to realize this vision, daring to take a creative approach to construction where industries, people, and production methods are unconventional.

What’s in a brick?

From Amsterdam to New York, StoneCycling aspires to conquer the world with their innovative, sustainable building materials. To enhance this international ambition, we were asked to come up with a concept and design for their new visual identity. The outlines were clear; the look and feel had to be about sustainability, innovation, and design.

We compressed their story into a single isometric brick that symbolizes their new perspective on construction.


Isometric color grid

StoneCycling stones come in many different colors and shapes. We translated the rich palette of the range into a set of 8 color families. Cutouts of the isometric brick are used dynamically to further enrich the corporate identity.


StoneCycling Magazine

To kick off the new identity, a quarterly magazine was introduced to keep customers informed of the latest developments and innovations in the world of StoneCycling. And of course as a means to express their pride about the beautiful architectural projects to which they contribute. The theme of the first edition was “Welcome to the Stone Age.”


StoneCycling at
Dutch Design Week 2022

The theme for DDW22 was “Get Set” — a call to creatives to brace themselves for the future challenges we face. To make a difference together, we must get into the right mindset.

This aligns seamlessly with StoneCycling’s mission to change architecture and the construction industry. At DDW22, StoneCycling showcased how a fresh approach leads to surprising and high-quality new building materials with a positive impact on our planet.

We helped StoneCycling translate their sustainable solutions into a suitable exhibition.


“We want to take our business to the next level. We are continually seeking partners who can lend a hand in this. By collaborating with the people at Ape to Zebra, we are bringing in decades of experience and creativity. Being able to take advantage of that has helped us transform our company from a runaway start-up to a global player ready to make a worldwide impact.”

— Ward Massa, StoneCycling founder


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