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Gerard Doustraat 212
1073 XB Amsterdam
the Netherlands
+31 (0)20 673 2697



— Michiel de Blaey


— Joost van Grinsven


— Tijs Bonekamp


— Rick Jongerius


— Eveline van der Duim

Coworking space available

We also rent out desks!

In our 100sqm collaborative, fully equipped work environment you can feel comfortable working on your own projects, while having the possibility of sharing, engaging and creating together with different people (designers, writers, web developers, communication experts, etc).

Blue Dot Flag

A flag for the earth

There is a new flag. Not a flag for a nation or a group, but for the earth. And for every living creature on it. Because the earth needs it. Nature needs it. We need it. This flag is free to use for everyone who feels connected to this beautiful planet. For everyone who wants to protect her or help her through these transformative times.

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