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A fine taste for docu-mentaries


For over 17 years Cinema Delicatessen distributed over 250 of the most outstanding Dutch and foreign documentaries. Being the first to do so digitally and with todays online possibilities, it made sense for them to take the next step and make (almost) all of those beautiful documentaries available online.

Too good to archive.

After screening in the cinema (and a viewing on television), the award-winning, urgent, sharp, unique stories are just too good to disappear in an archive.

So we set up a separate platform, called Cinedeli.nl, where everyone can enjoy the documentaries, also after they have been presented in the cinema.

Less (letters) = more (strength)

By cutting the long name ‘Cinema Delicatessen’ in half we lost 10 letters, but gained a lot of recognizability: shorter in communication, easier to remember, better fitting for a video platform.  

A recognisable typographic foundation, combined with a colour palette, originated from Red, Green and Blue, creates two versions of the same identity; one for CineDeli and one for Cinema Delicatessen. 


“Their strength lies in the fact that - in our case at least - they have really tried to understand what your company stands for. They managed to extract the DNA of the company. From the start they really dive into 'your' world and in my opinion that is the only way to get the communication of your company clear.”

“They also stimulated us a little further in renewing and refreshing our identity than we had previously planned. We were hesitant at first about the degree of change to our style, because we were very attached to the old. But by designing and conversations and visualizing the possibilities, we have always gone one step further. Something we wouldn't have dared to do without Ape to Zebra. They were very accessible, and patient with us, and they're just really nice and likeable people too.”

— Anne Vierhout, director Cinema Delicatessen

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